Opening Conference



“Innovation, socio-economic trends and technologies: what vision of the future for food and the Agri-Food industry in Algeria?"



More than ever, the Algerian agri-food industry needs partners willing to commit to joint investments and networked innovation to meet the needs of Algerian consumers, but also to conquer new African, Arabic and Middle Eastern markets.

Our opening conference aims to allow agri-food professionals to discuss the future of food and the agri-food industry in Algeria and around the world. They will also be able to identify “the levers” of major trends and possible disruptive factors. With the first edition of this conference cycle, we wish to offer international companies insight to encourage them to invest in Algeria and accompany the efforts of Algerian agri-food firms in supporting domestic production and integration into international value chains.

To introduce this conference, Mr FERROUKHI Sid Ahmed, Research Lecturer in Innovation and Agri-Food Foresight at ENSA Algiers, will discuss the conditions and situation of the agri-food economy in Algeria and around the world.

The conference will then feature two highlights: the first aiming to provide food for collective thought, and the second to build a minimum consensus on a vision of the desirable future and identify avenues to achieve this. Discussions will be led by a panel of experts, with contributions from domestic and international business leaders in attendance at the show.

The first part of the conference will deal with the central issue of the future of the agri-food industry, focusing on the situation in Algeria:

  • Mr M'hammed TIFOURI, Chief Director at the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries: the medium-term agricultural development strategy in Algeria, driven by downstream industries, through an overview of achievements from the farming sector.
  • M. Chafik CHITI, Director of ALGEX : the national export and agri-food strategy in Algeria.
  • Mme Siham HEROUA from ANDI (National investment development agency): measures and planned actions to support FDI (foreign direct investment) in agri-food in Algeria.




The second part of the conference will be held in the form of a debate, revolving around three questions:

  • What main levers should be considered in the emergence of the future? (Active consumers, social and demographic variables, technology, business climate, target markets, etc.)
  • What are the main elements of this vision of the future and how can we accompany its emergence? (Common objectives, prerequisites, types of partnership to promote, etc.)
  • What orientations and processes should be selected in terms of promoting partnerships and investments in agri-food industries in Algeria (channels, technology, ingredients, innovation, etc.)



The conference will be hosted and moderated by M. Moncef Bourkouk, a leading expert in agricultural development and president of the CCIAF (Algerian-French Chamber of Commerce) Agriculture and Agri-Food Club.


This conference is part of a long-term initiative and is thus the first in a more comprehensive cycle. The second conference will take place in 2020 and will aim to answer the following question: “What innovative offering in agri-food sectors in Algeria for healthy and sustainable food?” With this conference cycle, the Djazagro exhibition assumes its role as a creator of connections between national and international players in this fast-growing Algerian industry.


Parc des Expositions de la SAFEX, Algiers

26 February 2019 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Al Maachi Room

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