The Bakery of the Future

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Algerian bakery production can be compared to semi-industrial production in France. In response to increasing needs for mechanisation and automation in the bakery production sector, DJAZAGRO 2019 presented the fifth edition of the BAKERY OF THE FUTURE: an automated bakery presented in real-life conditions.

The BAKERY OF THE FUTURE presented several machines in operation, covering the entire production process for baguettes, specialty breads, as well as various pastries and catering products; all using locally-sourced ingredients. 

During DJAZAGRO, visitors had the opportunity to participate in the baking process through specialized workshops organized daily.

Discover the different themes for DJAZAGRO 2019 : 

  • Monday, February 25th  : Baguettes and specialty breads 
  • Tuesday, February 26th : Brioches and pastries
  • Wednesday, February 27th : Catering products
  • Thursday, February 28th : Baguettes and specialty breads 

Equipement presented: 


Fixed bowl spiral mixer EvO 110

 The Spiral EvO line was specifically conceived to encourage a maximum oxygenation of the dough. The mixing bowl has been enlarged in order to limit the contact between the surface and the mixer, which reduces the possibility of excessive heating as the dough mixes.   

A596_Pétrin Spirale_SPI53-63_Version M_Capot ouvert-sans-fond

More ergonomic and intuitive, the new electronic command center incorporates all basic functions for a quality kneading process: time management for the first and second rounds of kneading, recipe programming which allows for rest periods between kneading, rotation inversion during the initial mixing process, and infrared temperature sensors to better  measure the development of the dough.

Saturn 3 (20-60 liters)

With an adjustable volume of 20-60 liters, the Saturn 3 is the perfect machine for working with small quantities and delicate products. The standard version comes with three tools: a whisk, a flat mixer and a spiral mixer. The Saturn 3 is a beater-mixer intended for bakeries as well as small laboratories and industrial kitchens as it can be used for a wide variety of products (creams, soft doughs, sauces, mayonnaises, et cetera).

Thanks to the planetary rotation of its mixing tools, the Saturn 3 is the ideal equipment for working with smooth doughs, whipping perfect egg whites, or creating creams, mousses and whipped creams to your exact specifications.

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A ProLine automated bread-making line capable of processing various types of dough.

The ProLine tray proofer can be connected to a pressurised volumetric divider for outstanding precision. Once proofing of the bread has been completed, you can shape your products with a horizontal moulder. The baker can configure the machine according to the type of product they wish to make.

Paniform : Automatic divider-moulder

Jac offers innovation with its Paniform automatic divider-moulder. It is fitted with an integrated Easyflour flour dispenser, an automatic grid support locking system and an automatic cycle offering a fully controlled result. Time and pressure settings can be adjusted. Associated with the Mobilo unit and tray ladder unit, you have everything you need to make high-quality bread. 

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Retarder proofer (AN1x3D) with 3 roll-in racks for 600 x 800mm grids

By controlling temperature, humidity and air circulation, the chamber guarantees permanent temperature control. The artisan or industrial baker can control the proofing of their product, schedule baking times and thus fully control their production. 

Retarder proofer (AP24B1) with 24 baking sheets of 600x800mm

The same benefits of the proofer but designed for baking trays used in bread baking. 

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The leading DIANE INDUSTRIES R-GO STAR baking tray – Entirely made in France

R-GO STAR stands out through its sturdiness, the quality of its SILIFLEX tri+ non-stick coating and its light weight, making it easy to handle.
The best there is in baking trays, at the best price.


Our racks are ergonomically designed to avoid workplace accidents with its clipped edges.
The quality of materials used, computer aided design and stainless steel castors with a Teflon spacer offer increased product life.

These racks exist in two versions: as a fixed block or in a version that can be disassembled with stainless steel bolts.
Its fixing system can be adapted to any model or type of oven.

RACKS: pastries, long-proving, single tray.

Diane Industries offers a range of top-quality and sturdy stainless steel racks for the transportation, storage and presentation of your pastries.
All DIANE INDUSTRIES products offer the guarantee of real 100% French manufacture.


Ideal for intermediate or temporary storage. It can also brown pastries and bread crusts or store ingredients.


Proofing tray to make work easier and fit out the proofing cabinet.

These 4-45°-edge pastry baking trays are made using a metal-forming process which improves hardness and resistance.
Perorated and non-perforated aluminium baking trays are offered with and without a SILIFLEX tri+ anti-stick coating. 

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Electric CF80 oven. Made with the most suitable materials and of extremely high quality, this oven delivers the best possible baking results to users.