5 minutes for success at DJAZAGRO

Before the show

Invite both existing and potential costumers: 
  • Why is this important? Because if you don’t, your competitors will… So, don’t hide away in a corner!
  • While our job is to get visitors to come to the Show, your job is to get them to come to your stand. How? By actively communicating with them, just as we are doing with this guide!

During the show 

Stand out as much as possible : 
  • Use active communication materials which are both brief and direct.
  • Employ skilled staff who are at ease when explaining your products.
  • Create an accurate schedule so that there is always someone at your stand.
  • Always have a demo or something else to attract visitors.
  • Have a strong presence on social networks (especially Facebook)! Always add new contacts on Linkedin.

After the show 

Now you can reap the benefits:
  • During the week following the show, send a message of thanks to all your visitors.
  • Stay active on social networks and continue to add new contacts on Linkedin.
  • Share your impressions with the DJAZAGRO team by answering the satisfaction survey. Our objective? To further improve the next DJAZAGRO!