Tips and advice for business etiquette in Algeria

A few pieces of advice on the right behaviour and attitudes to adopt to guarantee a good relationship with your Algerian contacts when conducting business. 

DO's :

  • Show respect for: Islamic culture and its values.
  • Interpret: learn to read between the lines and understand signs, expressions and undertones.
  • Make commitments: build long-term relationships rather than going for quick-win contracts.
  • Be available: Be generous with your time and honour your appointments without setting a time limit.
  • Do your research: make sure your are talking to the decision maker in the company.
  • Be pragmatic: a presentation with tangible references and past results is much better than long-winded rethoric.
  • Inspire trust: establishing strong personal relationships with your business contacts is essential to succeed in business.


  • Make the other person lose face: when bringing a conflictual situation to an end, make sure that the other person's honour remains intact.
  • Make promises you can't keep: a verbal agreement is considered as binding, so don't commit to something you can't deliver.
  • Set deadlines : the notion of deadlines is virtually unheard of, and setting one could create an obstacle in negotiations.