Why exhibit at DJAZAGRO ?


  • Hydrocarbons: too large a share of Algerian GDP Algeria, like other African countries, remains dependent on hydrocarbons (95% of its GDP). In a future where oil is tending to disappear and in a current economic context where the price of hydrocarbons is falling, the government is focusing on the development of other sectors of the future, including agri-food.
  • Costly agri-food imports Agri-foodstuffs are Algeria's leading import item (70% of products are imported). The Algerian government's priority is therefore to develop its local production in order to become entirely independent by 2030 and reduce its import bill.


  • Limit imports
  • Develop local production
  • Setting up significant financial aid to help local companies develop


Algerian agri-food professionals are looking for know-how, partnerships and machinery.

5 good reasons to exhibit at DJAZAGRO :

  • 82% of exhibitors estimate that they will achieve a turnover in the first 6 months after the exhibition
  • Participate in a unique and major event in North Africa, crossroads of food industries and benefit from a growing reputation in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Exhibit in Algeria, North Africa first market and meet there more than 20,000 professional purchasers
  • The best place to find a distributor for your company 
  • Be there, among the leading companies of the sector, and reinforce your image in a strong growth-potential market

Your export solution

17,500 visitors

  • 86% of visitors are purchasers
  • For 56% of visitors, their visit is procurement-related
  • 84% intend to purchase, of which 39% in the weeks following the show or before the end of the year 2015
  • Local edition 2021

145 exhibitors

  • 2/3 exhibitors believe the business climate to be good or excellent
  • 82% of exhibitors say that they generate 1 to 6 month’s worth of turnover at Djazagro
  • 88% of exhibitors consider Algeria as a growing market for their company in the 5 years to come

A local approach

  • 92,6% of visitors are Algerian
  • 56% come from regions other than Algiers

Satisfied exhibitors!

  • Djazagro is a major professional event in Algeria (93%)
  • Djazagro is the meeting place for companies operating in the agro-food sector (91%)
  • 82% of exhibitors say that they generate 1 to 6 month’s worth of turnover thanks to Djazagro.
  • For 79%, DJAZAGRO represents the best way to establish a presence on the Algerian market

Are you a manufacturing company planning to exhibit at the 2022 show?

There are three solutions:

  • Contact your preferred sales representative according to your country of origin here: contact the team
  • If you are an international company, you can estimate your participation online
  • If you are an Algerian company, please fill in the participation file which will be downloaded soon.

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