The Algerian market

Learn all about the characteristics of North Africa's major market

Algeria, first market in North Africa

  • GDP: 175,08 Mds USD (2015)
  • GDP growth rate: 2% in 2017 (excluding hydrocarbons)
  • Trade surplus: USD 4.6 billion in 2009*
  • 2009 imports: USD39.1 billion*
  • Strong financial position: budget surplus at 12% of GDP,foreign debt at 3.6% of GDP**
  • Public investments: USD286 billion***
Algérie 1er marché


The European Union: Algeria’s main partner

  • The EU accounts for 53% of Algerian imports and 53% of Algerian exports
  • France is Algeria’s leading supplier (16%), ahead of China (12%), Italy (9.4%), Germany (8%), Spain (7.5%), the United States (5%), Turkey (4.5%), Japan (3%), the Republic of Korea (2.9%), and Argentina (2.3%).


An expanding food industry

  • Algeria’s 2nd largest industry
  • 120,000 employees, 17.000 industrial companies, 95% of them managed by the private sector
  • 1st African buyer of food products
  • 75% of needs through imports
  • Forward looking agricultural and rural development policy: USD20 billion***
  • Launch of National Food Industry Development Plan (PNDA) : 50 to 60% increase of agribusiness in GDP (excluding hydrocarbons)
  • Creation of 4 technology clusters of 500 food industries.

*Source: Algerian customs / ** Source: IMF / *** 2010-2014 five-year plan.


A large agricultural market

  • Surface area: 2,4M km² (the largest of the 3 Northern African countries, 10th largest country in the world, 4 times the size of France) including 80% desert
  • 8.5M ha useful agricultural surface (2008), 18% of agricultural land
  • 1M farms (2004)
  • PNDAR (National Agricultural and Rural Development Plan)
  • ANSEJ (National Agency for the Support of Youth Employment): support for investments


The food industry

  • Strong potential and opportunities that need to be seized
  • A strong demand for agribusiness products
    • Food makes up 45% of Algerian households’ expenditure
    • Algeria ranks 3rd worldwide for milk and dairy product imports
    • High consumption of biscuits (2.5kg / year / person) and alcohol-free drinks (47l / year / person).
  • Algeria is a high importer of basic products
    • Algeria is the 1st importer of food products on the African continent
    • Imports in the food sector represented 7.7 billion USD in 2008 (v. 2.6 billion USD in 2000).
  • The Food Industry: 2nd industry in the country after the oil industry
    • The Algerian food industry makes up 40% of national industrial turnover
    • The sector is 95% private
    • Between 30,000 and 65,000 IAA in the sector according to CAP (Confédération Algérienne du Patronat) figure


Distribution / Food service

  • The majority of distributers are private companies
  • Grocery stores and small supermarkets are spread out evenly in the country
  • Approximately 8,000 traditional restaurants, 18,000 fast food companies and 600 bars
  • The UGCAA (Union Générale de Commerçants et Artisants Algériens) encourages foreign distributers to open businesses in Algeria  
  • The bakery and pastry market in Algeria:
    • 12,000 to 15,000 bakers & pastry shops
    • Bread is a staple food (on average 900g bread eaten / day / person)
  • Creation of the Plan Quality Tourism Algeria

Algeria, a growth partner for your company