Testimony of Omar Belhadi, visitor at Djazagro with FRIGOSTOCK company. 

Could you please introduce yourself and you company? 

SARL FRIGOSTOCK Algeria works in the storage of food products in public bonded warehouses. 

When you visited Djazagro, what sectors were you interested in? (Ingredients/Bakery-Pastry/ Food service, packing and conditioning/ Food products and beverages). 

Packing and conditioning/ Food products and beverages. 

How long have you known Djazagro and been a visitor to the show? 

Since 2008.

What do you come to Djazagro for? 

To meet partners in a range of sectors relating to our business activity. 

If you were to describe Djazagro in a sentence, what would you say? 

Djazagro is an efficient way of building business relationships, exchanging knowledge and expertise, and bringing partnerships and business opportunities to fruition. 

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