Testimony of Thibault Benne, exhibitor at DJAZAGRO with BANDES CONVOYEURS ALGERIE SPA company.

In a few words, can you describe your company and its activities (products and services, clients, export markets, distribution network etc)?

We are a Franco-Algerian company founded in 2016, established out of a partnership between the Algerian industrial boiler maker AISSA ET FILS and the French SME BENNE SA. 

BCA is an industrial manufacturer specialising in making bespoke conveyors and selling conveyor belts. 

Most of our clients come from the food processing industry. 

What were your participation goals at the last edition of Djazagro? 

Meet new clients, write orders and hire new employees. 

What benefits did you gain from your participation at Djazagro? 

In 2018 we will be showing at Djazagro for the seventh time. The exhibition enabled us to sound out the market and open our first subsidiary in Algeria in 2016. 

In 2017, the show helped us to obtain some valuable orders during and after the event. 

What types of clients/ partners do you meet during the show? 

This exhibition helps us to meet all the food processing companies in Algeria and others from many other sectors. 

Over the past two or three years, the exhibition has hosted delegations of African companies. This is an interesting and original idea, which should be developed further. 

In your opinion, what are the strengths of Djazagro? 

Firstly, visitor quality (there is an entrance charge, which acts as a first filter). Secondly the number of visitors: there are more than 20, 000. All of the country's food industry companies visit the show. And finally, the African delegations are a key asset. 

Do you have any news to share for 2018? 

We are hiring! We are looking for a foreman, stainless steel welders, assembly workers, an administrative assistant, and a sales engineer to sell our conveyors. We may have further vacancies, as our business develops.