SNC BMINOX depuis sa création en 2006 s’est spécialisée dans la réalisation, l’installation le montage et la maintenance des équipements industriels dans les domaines agroalimentaire, pharmaceutique & parapharmaceutique, cosmétique chimique, etc...

In a few words, describe your company and its activities (products and services, clients, export markets, distribution network, etc.)
Since it was founded in 2006, SNC BMINOX has specialised in the manufacture, installation, fitting and maintenance of industrial plant and equipment in the areas of food processing, pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and others besides. 

What were your participation goals for the last edition of DJAZAGRO trade fair?  

  • Present the company
  • Increase brand awareness and enhance its reputation and image
  • Find new projects
  • Target customers
  • Meet partners and suppliers
  • Analyse the market and the competition
  • Be closer to our clients

What benefits have you drawn from your participation to the last edition of DJAZAGRO trade fair?  

  • Meeting new customers and building new partnerships
  • Establishing new contacts
  • Introducing our company 

What types of clients/partners do you meet during the show?

  • Young people with projects to develop
  • Companies wishing to form partnerships

In your opinion, what are the strengths of DJAZAGRO?

  • It is a forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • A space where visitors can meet, across all the different sectors, companies, producers, project managers, suppliers, importers and from a range of nationalities.
  • A point of convergence between customers (visitors) and companies who wish to meet them.

Do you have any news to share for the year 2016/2017?

  • As yet undecided. 

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