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The DJAZAGRO Bakery was back for the 2023 edition.

The bakery industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, resulting in a high demand for mechanisation and automation. Indeed, craftsmen are struggling to maintain a constant level of quality and are increasingly faced with the absolute necessity of automating their production.

To move from theory to practice, DJAZAGRO offered you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of an automated industrial bakery. During the 4 days, various demonstrations took place to make you discover the secrets of a quality bakery.

The DJAZAGRO Bakery highlighted the equipment needed to make the sector's must-have products: baguettes, special breads, brioches and other pastries or delicatessen products made from local products.

For this edition, the French baker Christophe Cliet Marrel was in charge. Passionate and expert in the field, our baker, a regular visitor, was delighted to share his know-how with you.      


The daily themes of DJAZAGRO 2023 :

Monday 5 June

Leavened dough

Tuesday 6 June

Viennese pastries

Wednesday 7 June

Special breads

Thursday 8 June





The materials presented by our partner exhibitors:


BONGARD, a French manufacturer of bakery equipment since 1922, designs and markets all the equipment necessary for bakery production: ovens (deck ovens, ventilated ovens, rotary ovens), refrigeration (proofing cabinets and chambers, positive and negative conservation), dividing and forming (dividers, rounding machines, dough rests, rolling mills, PANEOTRAD® automatic dividing and forming processes) and mixing (kneading machines and mixers).

BONGARD distributes its equipment in more than 140 countries worldwide and provides commercial and technical service 365 days a year.

Facebook :Bongard.bakery

Instagram :@bongard_bakery


Linkedin :Bongard

Soleo Evo M4 oven

Soleo is an oven with fixed electric decks designed to bake all types of bakery, pastry and Viennese products. Available in 2, 4 or 6 trays 400 x 600, or 3 trays 460 x 660, it can be configured according to the user's needs: number of decks, height of the decks, with or without steam, on a stand or on a prover. Its construction allows it to be scalable.

A good distribution of heating elements, a bottom-upper regulation, a massive 20 mm thick bottom make it a back-up oven capable of competing with any "big" oven in terms of cooking quality.


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Spiral EvO 70 fixed bowl mixer

Kneading is the first step in the bread-making process. It consists of mixing the ingredients in order to create a dough. The Spiral EvO range of dough mixers are the essential tools for making quality dough.

They operate with two speeds of rotation: the first corresponds to the slushing phase (mixing and formation of a dough); the second allows the stretching and oxygenation of the dough (aeration and increase in the volume of the dough, oxidation to improve whiteness, development of a glutinous network in charge of the extensibility). The different controls offer the possibility of manual (electromechanical: type M) or automated (electronic: type E) management.

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Mixer Saturne3 60L

The Saturne 3 is a mixer for pastry shops, bakeries, small laboratories and industrial kitchens (creams, soft doughs, sauces, mayonnaises, etc.). The Saturne 3 EV mixer with variable speed control is particularly suitable for pastry shops and small laboratories. Equipped with a variable electronic speed from 30 to 125 rpm, it allows all recipes to be made with greater precision.

The bowl containing the ingredients is placed on the mixer cradle. A lever allows the bowl to be raised and locked. The rotating lid ensures safety during operation. Thanks to the planetary movement of its tools, the Saturn 3 is the ideal equipment for working smooth doughs, perfectly whipping egg whites, making light mousses, creams and whipped cream.


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Proofing cabinet Hera 600x800

HERA is a controlled proofing cabinet with plates, available in 1 or 2 doors depending on the model. It can accelerate, slow down or even block the dough's growth for a specific period of time. Its temperature ranges from -15°C to +40°C.

With its new Sensitiv'2 touch control, HERA adapts to the working habits of all bakers and guarantees consistent production.

It can be used to make viennoiseries and a wide variety of doughs: white, special or traditional French breads, brioche, yeast, pizza...


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Since 1946, JAC has been manufacturing bakery machines focused on innovation, quality and robustness, always keeping our customers at the heart of our concerns. Specialising in dough mechanisation and bread slicing, we develop innovative machines that allow bakers to work more efficiently... without ever compromising on the flavour, texture and appearance of their products.

Rollform shaper

The Rollform is a horizontal dough moulder for working with a minimum of pressure on the dough because it is not necessary to fight against gravity to make the dough circulate. It is equipped with an ingenious self-tensioning belt system (JAC patent) that allows the dough to be rolled up without degassing it. The rolling rollers have been removed to ensure that the rolling process (shaping) respects the structure of the dough => zero stress. The process is inspired by manual shaping, both by eliminating its physical constraints and by optimising productivity. You are a baker, in love with the traditional baguette "à l'ancienne", i.e. with a shaping that guarantees a rustic aspect. The Rollform is the solution for you. It can be used in a classic live process. Or it can be used in an organised production process in the form of positive cold storage.

Façonneuse Rollform

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Tradiform divider-former

The Tradiform is the perfect combination of a bowl divider and a grid divider. Perfectly adapted to all types of pasta, it allows you to divide up to 19kg in the bowl and 5kg per grid. It is equipped with a packing bonnet and a grid support to take advantage of the very wide range of more than 100 grids, enough to find THE right shape for your product.  JAC has made ambitious technical choices: reinforced piston, cast aluminium trowels with EASY CLEAN treatment, Click&Cut, Start and Stop system, sharpened stainless steel knives, square stainless steel bowl, flour recovery system, pressure control. These advantages make it a reference machine in the bakery market. It can also be equipped with the optional Easyflour and Fullmatic automatic systems.

Diviseuse-formeuse Tradiform

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Optima shaper

JAC has developed the Optima, a shaping machine for large production runs that complements the range of automatic breadmaking units. This development was carried out with two objectives in mind: productivity and versatility.

Productivity, because it is fundamental in the bakery. Versatility, because today's tools, even for large productions, must be flexible.

White baguette, Tradition baguette, calibrated bread, flat bread, individual loaves without loss... the Optima, depending on the options chosen, will meet your needs.

Made of stainless steel, it is the Swiss Army knife for shaping.

Façonneuse Optima

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Easyform manual divider
Diviseuse manuelle Easyform

The lever divider-former, suitable for small productions.

- Suitable for hydrated and fermented pasta (minimum 65% hydration).

- Capacity of 3 to 5 kg of dough.

- Dividing with or without prior compaction.

It allows tamping and cutting activated by a progressive push lever. It can be used with all the grids in the JAC catalogue (over 100 grids available). Equipped with Click&Cut (quick grid change) and Easylock (ergonomic frame locking system), it is eco-friendly, eoconomical and ergonomic. The machine can be placed on a table on a base and will satisfy small structures looking for a tool for small productions.

Bread slicer Varia pro

The Varia variable slice thickness slicer allows you to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty by offering them a choice of slice thickness. An extra service compared to your competitors. A compact rye bread does not require the same slice thickness as a very honeycombed country bread.

Trancheuse à pains Varia pro

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Sasa has been designing release coatings for over 40 years and is renowned for the qualitý of its products, its innovations and the expertise of its teams. We are one of the only companies in the world to formulate and produce our own silicone and fluoropolymer release coatings. This unique expertise allows us to offer products that are perfectly adapted to our customers' needs, including the most technical ones. Our offer is recognised by all the players in the Bakery and Confectionery sector throughout the world. It provides solutions for proofing, preparation, baking & storage.

Linkledin : SASA
Facebook : SASA Société d'Applications des Silicones Alimentaires 
Youtube : SASA

4 Peelboards artisan (fermentation support)
Peelboards artisan (support de fermentation)

Support for fermentation and expansion operations, for small and semi-industrial processes. Rot-proof: limits bacterial growth. Easy removal of dough pieces thanks to the optimised surface granulometry. 2 different coloured work surfaces for alternate use. Lightweight and robust thanks to its honeycomb structure. Easy to handle thanks to its rounded corners.

10 Tradisole complete 600x400 (baking tray)
Tradisole complet 600x400 (support de cuisson baguette)

The hearth effect revolution. Allows you to replace or complement the production of traditional baguettes in a hearth oven with a rotary or ventilated oven.
Reduced investment and maintenance of the bakery.
Easier team management due to simplified process.
Optimal heat conduction.
Also suitable for deep-freezing.
Different constructions according to your needs.


5 automatic layers 800x600 (fermentation support)

Couches automatiques 800x600 (support de fermentation)

For storage of dough pieces during fermentation and transfer to the deck oven. Stainless steel frame. Woven fabric in natural and durable linen. Stainless steel roller.

2 storage carts 800x600
Chariot de Stockage

For the storage of baking and/or fermenting racks. All stainless steel construction. Highly robust thanks to the quality of the materials and assembly. Numerous sizes available according to your needs. 

Logo IMB

The TP3 & TG3 refrigerated tables in the IRC range by IMB include the following features:

  • Monobloc refrigeration unit with integrated evaporator, enabling the total volume of the cooling cell to be utilised
  • Automatic condensate evaporation system with heating coil
  • Cell insulated with 50 mm thick expanded polyurethane foam
  • Cell equipped with a fresh air conveyor to ensure uniform temperature in all compartments
Table réfrigérée IMB Djazagro 2023

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