DJAZ'INNOV 2023 : discover the jury members

Discover the experts who will compose the jury of the DJAZ'INNOV competition for this second edition

DJAZ'INNOV, a competition with an outstanding jury

During this competition, exhibitors are invited to propose their innovative solutions in the food sector.

A jury of experts in the food and food processing sector will be assembled to decide on the best solution. Each product, service or equipment presented will be analysed by them.

Discover the experts who will compose this jury:



Mr ZAKI HARIZ Président de la fédération algérienne des consommateurs membre du jury Djaz'Innov 2023

President of the Algerian Federation of Consumers which includes 35 local associations.

EURL AFAK CONTROL - TECHNICAL CENTRE - Expert in quality control of food products.


Ms Béatrice de REYNAL

Membre du jury Djaz'Innov 2023 Béatrice de REYNAL Nutritionniste PhD

Nutritionist PhD - NutriMarketing





Membre du jury Djaz'Innov 2023 Mr BENAZOUAOU Gérant/Fondateur Packaging Expert Consultant

Expert consultant in packaging




Mr Mehdi ALLAB

Membre du jury Djaz'Innov 2023 Mehdi Allab - Account Manager MAREL, specialiste des équipements agroalimentaires Account Manager MAREL
Specialist in food processing equipment




Ms Nassima HAMDI

Madame Nassima HADMI Pharmacienne - WANY LAB Membre du jury Djaz'Innov 2023 Pharmacist - WANY LAB
General Manager





See you on Monday 05 June for the revelation of the winners and the presentation of the trophies, during the exhibitors' evening!


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