The tradeshow for agro-food production

The show takes its name from "DJAZAIR", which means "Algeria" in Algerian Arabic, and from « agro » representing the agro-food sector.
Djazagro looks forward to seeing you for the next edition from 22 to 25 April 2024.

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Algeria, the leading market in North Africa

Located at the point of convergence of three worlds: Mediterranean, Arabic and African, Algeria holds a strategic geographical position. Today it is the third largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) zone. The main cities, agricultural land and industrial activity is concentrated in the North. To the South, the Sahara Desert is a region that abounds with natural resources and hydrocarbons. Algeria is undeniably a land of opportunity.

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"Djazagro is an efficient way of building business relationships, exchanging knowledge and expertise, and bringing partnerships and business opportunities to fruition."

Salah MEBARKI - ENDJEX, Algeria

"Djazagro is the destination of food industry professionals."

Ali BALI - BALI GROUP, Algeria

“This show is the best way of getting visibility and making the right contacts for possible partnerships, either in processing, or in equipment or in terms of business partners.”

Hassan TAHRI - SEVAM, Morocco

“DJAZAGRO is a specialist exhibition. In terms of the food industry, I think it’s one of the most important in the region.”

Gaia BRAIK - BRENNTAG, The Netherlands

"DJAZAGRO is an essential tradeshow. Firstly, it’s a chance to see and meet a lot of operators, industry colleagues, but also to meet a lot of sales prospects and clients."

Khaled ARIF - MULTIVAC, Tunisia

"It’s the largest show in Africa."

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The tradeshow for agri-food production

Created in 2003 in Algiers, DJAZAGRO is the tradeshow for agri-food production

The leading tradeshow in North Africa, DJAZAGRO is an unmissable event with an exhaustive international offering in 6 sectors of activities: Processing, filling & packaging, Bakery - Pastry, Food products & Beverages, Ingredients & Flavourings, Hospitality & Food service and Hygiene.

In 2023, DJAZAGRO will take place at the SAFEX Exhibition Park in Algiers from 05 to 08 June.

DJAZAGRO's exhibitors, all exclusively manufacturers, fulfil the needs of more than 20,000 professional visitors in search of know-how, machinery and partnerships. All of them work for the development of agrifood production in Africa.