Testimony of Jean-Christophe GRANJON, exhibitor at Djazagro with SAMARO SAS company.

In a few words, can you describe your company and its activities (products and services, clients, export markets, distribution network, etc.)?

Samaro and its local partner, the company OMOI, sell lubricants to the Algerian market (oils, greases, anti-seize compounds), glues and adhesives, sealants and maintenance products (degreaser, sugar removal oil) which are all to food standards and certified NSF-H1.

What were your participation goals at the last edition of Djazagro? 

Increase our brand visibility, publicise our product offering and demonstrate our market proximity (a local partner, stock in Algeria, technical support on site). 

What benefits did you gain from your participation at the last edition of DJAZAGRO?

Contacts which led to sales, new contacts for long-term partnerships with machine manufacturers – the manufacturer for the equipment part, Samaro/Omoi (our local partner) for the maintenance of their production facility.

What types of clients/partners do you meet during the show?

Companies dealing in food processing (crushing, grinding, mixing, forming, heat treatment, biological treatment, canning) and in beverages (milk, water, fruit juice, etc.), pasta, sugar, condiments, additives, colorants, cheeses, etc.

But we also met pharmaceutical and cosmetics firms, manufacturers of sterile products…

In your opinion, what are the strengths of DJAZAGRO?

It is the only trade show with nationwide and international reach. At this show we exhibit alongside a lot of international companies working along the entire value chain. The visitor audience is highly qualified, since the show is only open to professionals – and there are a lot of visitors throughout its duration. Djazagro helps us to establish contact with companies spread all over Algeria.  

Do you have any news to share for 2018?

We expect to have new products arriving on the Algerian market at some point in 2018.