Good reasons to order your badge

Published on by Margaux Lemarchand - updated on

DJAZAGRO is a trade-only show: access will only be granted to holders of a visitor badge (valid for the duration of the show).

There are several ways of obtaining your badge:

  • Online, free of charge before the first day of the show
  • At the show, free of charge on presentation of an invitation 
  • At the show, for an entrance fee of 1000 dinars

Why we recommend ordering your badge online?

Save money

By ordering a badge online, you can download it free of charge and print it out on your computer.
If you have not downloaded your badge before the show and you do not have a free invitation, your visitor badge will cost 1000 dinars at the show entrance.

Save time

You also have the possibility of exchanging your free invitation for a visitor badge at exhibition reception. However, as there may be a lot of visitors, we recommend that you order your badge before the show, print it out and then produce it at the show entrance to avoid queuing.

Stay up-to-date on the latest show news and useful information

By registering online, you will receive all the most useful information to plan your trip, together with information on the show’s highlights and special features: the DJAZAGRO Bakery, talks, exhibitor workshops, new products, etc.

Online visitor registration is not open.